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Current Government guidelines recommend that the total amount of weekly homework for children at Key Stage 1 (infants) should not exceed one hour. We believe that homework should consist largely of sharing and reading books with parents and carers, and that this should be a regular, pleasurable experience. (It is far better to share a book for 5 minutes on a daily basis than to read for 45 minutes only once a week.)

We support the Government’s view that “homework need not, and should not, get in the way of other activities which children may enjoy taking part in after school – such as sport, music and clubs of all kinds.” (‘Homework Guidelines for Primary & Secondary Schools’ – DfEE November 1988).

Our children are very young, they work a long day and they do need time to just enjoy being children. We encourage children to undertake meaningful and relevant tasks at home that will support their learning development. All children are set homework on a regular basis, which reinforces the work that has been going on in class.